About Me

Having picked up my first SLR over forty years ago I have moved in more recent years from a keen amateur to  a more dedicated and passionate semi-professional. I have a particular interest in all things natural but have a special love of wild birds, wild scenes and Africa.

My lifelong ornithological interest has spawned a need to travel and experience wildlife up close. This new found passion has been sharpened of late after one of my daughters moved to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This has led to over a dozen visits to this cornucopia of colour and interest. I have been privileged to have visited such delights as Matare, Matopos, Hwange, Bulawayo and of course the iconic Victoria Falls. It has also enabled me to visit on various occasions neighbouring countries in that region such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. I have also at other times in my life had the opportunity to visit further afield to such places as Japan, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia and Dubai.

Closer to home I have honed my ornithological skills in such places as the Coto Donana, The Camargue, The Cevennes, The Spanish Pyrenees, The Picos De Europa, The Auvergne and the islands of Samos, Thassos and Lesbos in Greece. In the last few years I have been blessed to have experienced some splendid work and photographic opportunities working for BirdLife Cyprus in 2014 and in 2015 for The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales on the very unique and beautiful islands of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean and Skokholm in south west Pembrokeshire respectively.

In terms of equipment used I have flirted with many different manufacturers over the years from Canon to Olympus but more recently I have gravitated to the versatile Sony AR7ii and a mixture of Carl Zeiss and Sony supplementary lenses. More recently have completely moved over to Sony Mirrorless AR7M3 plus Sony 100FE100-400mm..plus all pics now RAW plus any editing in Lightroom.